quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

Padre Marcelo levou uma grande multidão ao Shopping

Padre Marcelo Rossi com um carisma impar de reunir pessoas, mais uma vez aglomerou uma grande multidão no Shopping Flamboyant. O sacerdote católico não mediu esforços para atender aos fãs e fies católicos que foram ao seu encontro para adquirir uma dedicatória do seu mais novo livro: "ÁGAPE".  Parabéns ao povo de Deus que também não mediu esforços para prestigiar à homens de Deus como o padre Marcelo Rossi.

Por: Wander V. Cardoso de Freitas.

2 comentários:

Skate Cristo disse...

É isso ai! Povo de Deus unido jamais será vencido!!! AUEHUAEHEA

Randy Furco disse...

I recently thinking about a song that says "Jesus take away the pain, but leave the scars, so...." I will stop there because these lyrics are so wrong and so damaging. God did not pay such a high price to leave you scarred and beaten! Those scars did not come from Him! They may have been caused by abuse, neglect, sin,... foolishness and the devil, but Jesus did not cause them

Jesus in Psalm 23 promises to restore your soul, make you new, cause you to become what you were meant to be, before the pain, before the neglect, before the abuse, before the drugs, before the booze, before your own foolish choices. Those scars that many wear as a badge of honor are not helping, they are causing a rift in your heart and mind. If you are a christian they are keeping you from really believing for Gods best and total restoration and healing, because you think those scars are helping. You are holding on to, something He died for and promised to heal for you. Those scars are effecting how you relate to people. Those scars are causing you to walk in shadows and not the full light of the LIBERTY OF CHRIST! Those scars are causing you to have a self image that is tainted and not how God sees you. If you are not born again, or don't consider your self to have a personal relationship with Christ, those scars are probably being covered by drugs,beer, over sexuality. Want to know why it is so hard for people to quit drinking and doing drugs? They don't like what they see or feel about themselves without a numbing agent. Sure some still just like to party, but you know who you are, if those scars are causing you to have bad relationship after bad relationship. You know if when you sober up, you hide from yourself. You know, if you are a scarred person who wishes they weren't. I recently realized how devastating those scars have been to my life and how they caused so much behavior that I am now ashamed of..but freed from. I urge you fellow Christians, Don't carry those scars anymore, cast them away, and tell the devil He can keep them. Believe your LORD that He will restore child like innocence to your soul. HE WILL. And to those still searching...There is real freedom, real power and real healing..that no drug,drink,violence or sexual encounter can provide..and it is so cool to see Him work. Jesus died for YOU...........